What Dog Breeds Have Brindle Coats?

Dogs come in many different breeds, sizes, and colors. A dog’s coat color typically depends on the breed of the dog, as well as genetics. While some breeds will typically produce only a couple color possibilities in their offspring, some breeds can spawn an array of different coat colors and patterns. One coat pattern that’s common among a few breeds is known as the brindle pattern. It is often referred to as a color, but it is technically a pattern of the colors as opposed to an outright color of a dog’s coat. Brindle is recognized by the tiger-like pattern in the coat. The base color of the dog’s coat will be tan or brown and marked with black stripes, which gives it a tiger coat appearance, although it isn’t as vibrant as the tiger. If you wanted a brindle patterned dog, do you know what dog breeds have brindle coats? Here are a few of the most common breeds.

Brindle Dutch Shepherds 

The Brindle Dutch Shepherd can come in a variety of lengths and textures of coats, from short to long, and they can be a rough coat. No matter what type of coat, however, the brindle pattern is beautiful on it. This breed was originally bred to herd sheep, hence the name. These are very loyal, faithful and highly active dogs that love to be out working. They are often seen in obedience training, and can be trained to do any number of jobs. They are used by the police forces on the K-9 unit, in the military, trained as service dogs, among other duties. You have probably seen this breed along the way, in a television show, a movie, a news story, among many other places. This is a very popular breed and rescue programs.

Brindle Bull Terriers

Bull Terriers are known for their uniquely shaped head, which resembles that of an egg shape. Bull Terriers are related to the English Bulldog and Terrier mixes. They original color of the breed was white, however, at the turn of the 20th century, the breed was crossed with a brindle Staffordshires which gave the a color variation and pattern. Now, you can find Bull Terriers in the brindle pattern, and they are beautiful coats. The breed may seem big and intimidating to look at, but they are actually quite loving and have a fun personality. They love their families and are great companions, especially for active owners who like to get outside and have adventures.

Brindle Boxers

Boxers are recognized for their very stout look and squared off muzzles. These are very strong, agile, and athletic dogs. They love to work and are most known for holding jobs as hunting dogs, working for shop owners, on a farm, and even playing roles in the World Wars working as message carriers. These courageous dogs can be bred as brindle coated dogs and the color variation in the brindle coat can vary. They may have lighter or darker dense stripes throughout, and the thickness of the stripes can vary, too.

Brindle Akitas

Akitas are beautiful dogs, recognized for their thick tails that curl over their backs. They are very strong-minded and fearless dogs, and not typically recommended for first-time dog owners, due to their size and strong will, both of which can make it difficult for novice dog owners to control. They hale from Japan and are often used as hunting and guard dogs, since they are known to be very protective of their home and family. You will find Akitas in a number of rich coat colors; white, pinto, and brindle, are the most common. If you have ever seen an Akita, it was probably sported one of these colors or patterns for a coat.

Brindle Great Danes

Great Danes are one of the largest breeds of dogs. They’re known as “gentle giants,” and often referred to as the horses of the dog breeds. Most people think more about the size of the Great Dane as opposed to colors and coat patterns, but you can find this breed in an array of colors, including, black, steel blue, fawn, harlequin, and brindle. The female Great Dane can average about 120 pounds, while males commonly weigh-in about 150 pounds. This breed was originally bred to hunt boar, and guard estates, that’s because if you don’t think their size is intimidating enough, you should hear their bark!

If you love the color pattern of the brindle coat, you might just be looking for one of these breeds as your next pet where you can have both, a great breed of dog as your companion, and a dog with a beautifully unique brindle coat.

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