Fun Facts about the Adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the most distinct dogs in the world. It’s instantly recognizable with its floppy ears and small body. It always looks friendly and happy to see you, and it can befriend anyone. It’s a friendly dog with a wonderful disposition that makes it such a joy to be around. With a beautiful face, large eyes and friendly manner, it’s no wonder this dog is more and more popular with households and families on an annual basis. A dog that’s been around for centuries, this little breed is primarily a lap dog that loves to cuddle and that loves to spend time with its family. It is not a fan of being left alone for long periods of time, and it doesn’t require a ton of exercise. This dog would, quite honestly, rather hang out on your lap in the middle of the living room doing absolutely nothing than be outside taking long walks or playing at the dog park. But don’t get us wrong; this dog loves other animals and makes friends with them very quickly. And while it is such a popular dog, there are a few fun facts many people are unaware of associated with this sweet breed.

Their Namesake is Famous

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is named after King Charles II. He was around in the 17th century, and this breed was his favorite. That’s why they were named after him. In fact, they were dogs that the king declared could not and would not be banned from any public location because he loved them so. Other breeds, however, he did not care so much for. So they were not allowed in public places and they were not viewed as beautiful and amazing.

Lauren Bacall had One

When Lauren Bacall was alive, she had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel of her own. In fact, she has several dogs and she was a lifelong dog lover of all dogs. She, at one time, had a spaniel of her own. Upon the death of her beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, she had a portrait of the dog hung in her home where it remained to honor her dog until she also passed away and her belongings were removed from her home.

It’s Technically a Toy Breed

It’s a spaniel, but did you know that kennel clubs recognize this breed as a toy? Since they were not ever used as hunting dogs, the clubs refuse to recognize them classified as spaniels since spaniels are referred to as ‘gun dogs’. They’re considered lap dogs above and beyond anything else, and that has led the clubs to refer to them only as toy breeds. It’s not something that they did with force, but it is something that they do.

It’s One of the Most Popular Breeds

Over the course of the past few years, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has become one of the most popular dog breeds in the country. In fact, it’s one of the most popular small dog breeds around, but it ranks among the top 20 of all breeds. The reason that this breed is so popular has a bit to do with how sweet and cute it honestly is, but also because it’s such a wonderful companion. It’s perfect for all kinds of families, which is not something all dogs can boast. It’s good with kids, with adults, with singles, with big families; it doesn’t care who you are or where you are from so long as you love it and spend time with it.

It’s Kind of a New Breed

Would it shock you to learn that the cavalier is a newly recognized breed? In fact, 2015 is the 20th year that this breed has been recognized despite the fact that the breed was born in the 1920s. We say ‘born’ in the 1920s because it was a breed that was around for many centuries, but it was changed and changed again over the course of many years, and that made it a dog that needed a new name after a while. It’s a cute dog, though, and people really do love it. But it’s always a bit shocking to find out that the American Kennel Club only began recognizing it 20 years ago as an official breed.

They Epitomize the Term Lap Dog

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the perfect definition of a lap dog. This is a dog that loves nothing more in life than to climb up onto your lap and spend some serious quality time cuddling with you. The best part is that they don’t play with your jewelry, scratch your face trying to climb over you or try to snack on the electronics you have near you. No, the best part is that they don’t indulge in using the bathroom on your lap when they cuddle, or elbow you in the ribs, face, neck…they’re cuddlier than babies, is what we are trying to say.

The Original was Bred with Pugs

Around the time that the king was telling the world that they were not permitted to ban this dog from anywhere in public, breeders began mixing theirs with pugs and that’s how they got those short noses. It was a long time before the breed was changed back into the original look that it once carried. It was actually centuries later, about a hundred years ago, that breeders decided they wanted to make the spaniel look the same way that it did when it was in just about all the former reigning monarch’s photos. They weren’t fans of the ‘pug’ in the dog.

They’re Colorful

This is a breed that comes in four different color patterns, which makes them pretty desirable. The thing about this dog is that people love the multiple colors this breed has to offer. There’s a hot debate over whether or not the tan one or the black one is cuter, but we think they’re all really cute and it doesn’t matter all that much.

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  1. 50-70% of these Cavalier King Charles have a disease called syringomyelia. The flattened head is a genetic trait bred in these dogs.

    Not enough brain cavity which pushes back the central nervous cord fluid and may cause INTENSE unrelenting pain in these dogs.

    They need to stop breeding these dogs!

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