Owner Documents Dog’s Radiation Journey to Treat Tumor

Molly the Dog

People from virtually all walks of life seem to enjoy taking time out of their busy day to watch a video on TikTok, YouTube or any of the other social media platforms out there. Some of them are funny and some of them will move you to tears. The story of a dog named Mollybear (Molly for short) has a little bit of both. She is a 13 year old dog who ended up with a cancerous tumor in her nose. Her owner decided that it would be a good idea to document her radiation treatments with TikTok videos. As such, she has documented virtually every moment of her treatment. Sometimes, there are things in those videos that will make you laugh out loud. At other times, you will likely be moved to tears when you see the special bond that she and Molly share.

Life Can be Hard Sometimes

There is no question that this poor dog has lived through a lot of trials and tribulations in her life. Now 13, she found herself without anyone to care for her back in 2014 when her owner passed away. She was scared and she didn’t understand what was going on. To make matters worse, construction workers were called to the scene in order to demolish the property, as it had been sold for new construction. Obviously, the new construction couldn’t occur until the dog was captured and removed from the property. Unfortunately, she was so frightened by the entire experience that it was virtually impossible to catch her. The construction workers felt so bad for her that they got her vaccinated and even put a dog house on the space for her, but she rarely used it. She had lost the only person in her life that she had ever known and she simply didn’t know who to trust any longer.

Help Came When it Was Most Needed

Fortunately, a woman in the area named Ryan Graney was eventually able to gain the dog’s trust. It took her a considerable amount of time to do so, but she never gave up. Eventually, she was able to take the dog in. From that point forward, the two started building a bond of trust and mutual love. Unfortunately, Molly was then diagnosed with a disease called nasal sarcoma. In short, Molly had been diagnosed with a tumor inside her nose that was blocking her nasal passages and causing dramatic nose bleeds on a daily basis. At first, veterinarians believed that she had some type of severe allergic reaction to something, although they couldn’t pinpoint what was causing it. Molly’s owner had been documenting all of this on social media long before the diagnosis of cancer was ever made. They even tried different allergy medications in an attempt to stop the nose bleeds. When those medications were unsuccessful and the nosebleeds continued to get worse, Graney took Molly for an x-ray where a mass was discovered inside her nose. Eventually, the decision was made to give her radiation treatments in an attempt to shrink the tumor.

Documenting the Journey

Since much of Molly’s health concerns had already been documented on social media, Graney made the decision to continue doing so throughout her radiation treatments and recovery. She says that the veterinary care that Molly received was absolutely second to none, something that she was pleasantly surprised to see. Molly is far from her first dog. As a matter of fact, she’s had many dogs in the past and currently has one other dog that is a whopping 16 years old with more than her fair share of her own health problems. Some people had issues with the idea of giving a 13 year old dog radiation treatments but Graney is quick to point out the fact that she had ensured that Molly was completely healthy, aside from the tumor, before that decision was made to go through with the treatments. When it was all said and done, she simply couldn’t see allowing Molly to continue in her current state or putting her down when there was a viable treatment option available that could allow her to regain her quality of life. As a result, the decision to go forward with radiation treatments was made and grainy documented the entire Journey.

Happy and Healthy

Today, Molly is in recovery and according to Graney, she’s getting better with each and every day that passes. Graney is happy that she made the decision to get Molly the radiation treatments and she is quick to point out the fact that the dog is now sleeping much more peacefully then she has in quite a long time. She even points out that Molly had been restless in her sleep for months before the nosebleeds ever started. Even though they didn’t know it at the time, it’s likely that it was all because of the tumor that was slowly growing inside her nose, unbeknownst to anyone until the nosebleed started happening. The one thing that no one can deny here is that rainy and Molly were lucky to have found each other. Molly has someone that genuinely loves her and takes care of her and Graney has someone that loves her in return. Whether you personally agree or disagree with the decision to submit a 13 year old dog to radiation treatments, you can’t deny the fact that Graney saved Molly, nor can you deny the fact that they enrich each other’s lives. At the end of the day, that’s all anyone can hope for. If it hadn’t been for Graney, there is every chance that Molly would have been euthanized years ago, simply because she had nowhere else to go. By the same token, it’s somewhat unlikely that most owners would have chosen to go through with treatments for a dog of this age. The thing is, she’s now happy and healthy and living a good quality of life. It would have been unfortunate to have cut that life short unnecessarily.

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