Abused Dog Gets Toy That Looks Exactly Like Him

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Animal cruelty is one of the most despicable crimes that a person can commit. It is abhorrent to mistreat an innocent animal, and yet it is an issue that persists today. Not only do many cases of animal cruelty go unreported, those that are reported are sometimes treated as less serious than they should be. Improving the justice system’s policies on animal rights is a battle that requires a great deal of public support, funding, and perseverance.

One of the best ways to motivate people to fight for this cause is by showing them the strength and courage of animals. An abused dog named Justice has become a figurehead in the fight against animal cruelty for this exact reason. Justice is a survivor of animal abuse, having been left for dead in an Ontario field with his legs and mouth duct taped shut. Luckily, he was rescued before too much harm had befallen him.

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Originally, Justice was supposed to be taken to a shelter. However, the man who was supposed to bring him to the shelter decided to immobilize the poor dog and leave him for dead. Thankfully, this person has been rightly sentenced to prison.

Justice suffered some terrible health issues as a consequence of this mistreatment. These issues included difficulty breathing and walking, as well as considerable swelling. Most notably, however, is the white scar that was left from the duct tape around his snout. Justice will have this unique feature for the rest of his life, a reminder both of the horrible treatment that animals suffer at the hands of humans and of his incredible strength and courage.

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While no animal should suffer this type of cruelty, his suffering has not been in vain. Justice has found meaning from his mistreatment, as he has become a figurehead in the movement for animal rights. The Windsor/Essex Humane Society, where Justice was brought after being rescued, has brought Justice to numerous events in order to help raise funds to fight against animal cruelty.

Perhaps most notably, however, the shelter also saw to the creation of stuffed toys that are identical to Justice. These toys even feature his characteristic white scar. The toys are being sold for $30, with the proceeds being used to assist with investigations of animal abuse. Clearly, Justice did not suffer in vain.

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Although his life has seen great struggles, Justice has not only made a full recovery, but has also helped to ensure that no other dog will have to experience the same type of mistreatment. His story is now a happy one, as he was placed with a loving foster home that became his forever home shortly after being brought to the shelter.

Helping animals like Justice is a collaborative effort between many people. It requires a great deal of funding from the public, hard work from shelters and rescues, and dedication from those who campaign for animal rights. Perhaps most importantly of all, it requires awareness. With cases like that of Justice being brought to light, hopefully more people will become aware of the challenges that animals face today. Although he did not deserve to suffer, Justice has helped move the world towards a future where there will no longer be cruelty to animals.

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